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Meditation Masterclasses
Mediation will uniquely clear your mind. It will give you the refresh needed to have a new day.
Breathing Exercises
Everything in life is a form of breathing. You will learn to do everything better if you breathe better.
Yoga Lessons
Healthier minds are in fit bodies. Yoga training is an applicable start to a healthy lifestyle you want to have.
Relaxing Music Playlists
Give your soul the best care by listening to relaxing music playlists on Exhaling. Perfect for work, study, and relaxing.
Natural, environmental, and more adorable soundscapes are available on Exhaling. It will help you to relax and sleep better.
Mindfulness Books
There is a wide variety of mindfulness books available on Exhaling. Multiple categories and styles to please all tastes.

Why Choose Us?

Feel the Difference from Day One
On Exhaling, you will notice a difference in your mood and performance with the first lesson or day one of using our products. You will find out a positive difference in your body and soul!
Expected Quality
When you use Exhaling, you will find that we take care of all details; And we apply strict quality control over everything related to our services and interaction with our clients and possible clients.
We Care About Your Needs
You may begin your beautiful journey on Exhaling with any activity you like. We designed the dashboard to understand your needs and the best for you to have a healthier spiritual and physical lifestyle.
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3 Easy Steps to Get Started

Step One – Register Your Account
In a few seconds, create your profile simply and safely.
Step Two – Check out Your Dashoard
Not sure where to start? No problem, any excercise can be the first.
Step Three – Find Your Zen
Find and follow your unique approach through our products and services.
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Subscription Plans


The results I had on Exhaling exceeded my expectations. I read a lot about Yoga classes and meditation before subscribing to Exhaling. I know enough to tell that everything on Exhaling is scientific and brilliant! My experience is unforgettable. I registered for Yoga lessons, and I learned the basics correctly.
Five stars! Brilliant website, brilliant tutors, and helpful customer support. I didn't know where to start! I had too many complications in my life, and I forgot to take care of my mental health for a period. I found everything I need on Exhaling.
The quiz helped a lot. I find it funny to experience meditation and get that much into it! All that I needed was unique soundscapes to help me sleep. One night I searched your website, then everything changed! I didn't know how did I live before learning how to breathe!
The quality of music playlists and soundscapes on Exhaling is exceptional. I use soundscapes daily in my home, office, and during exercises; I am a fan! I don't have to search everywhere again because your libraries are great! And you are great! I just bookmarked your website, and the search is over; Love you!
A lovely website with lovely customer support. I made a mistake and booked the wrong subscription. I got upset and thought about the struggle to have what I needed or my funds, but I found the opposite. Expert customer care level, to be honest. You have earned a loyal, happy customer!

Welcome aboard on Exhaling. We are ready to start.

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